Pineapple Scotch Bonnet

Heat: 7.5/10


The original. The OG. Liquid gold. Call it what you want, the Pineapple Scotch Bonnet is guaranteed to set your mouth on fire… a fire of pure joy. But don’t worry, the sweet citrus taste of pineapple and a generous splash of the finest curry powder India has to offer make this sauce incredibly versatile for anyone daring enough to try. Pairs perfectly with breakfast foods, chicken wings, and any other damn thing you can stuff in your food hole. But be careful, the bottle will be empty before you know it.

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Peach Thai Chili

Heat: 6/10


Made from the freshest ingredients this side of the Hudson, the new Peach Thai Chili is the perfect blend of HEAT & SWEET. An absolute backyard BBQ essential, it packs a heavy punch and a pleasant twist with the sweetness of fresh peaches in every drop. Just a few dabs on your favorite dish will leave you feeling like you’re on the beaches of Thailand. Pairs perfectly with fish, chicken, pork, and some damn good company.

Mango Orange Ghost

Heat: 9/10


CAUTION!!! This sauce is bringing the eye watering heat of the ghost pepper blended with hand picked ripened mangoes to offer your taste buds a blast of fire with a sweet and juicy slice of fruit. A healthy addition of fresh squeezed orange juice balances out this intensely savory sauce. Pairs well with damn near anything!